Our prices

Dental consultation from 80 zl
Implantological consultation from 100 zl
Digital intraoral X-ray 25 zl
Hygiene and prophylaxis
Removal of plaque (scaling) from 150 zl
Sandblasting from 150 zl
Scaling with sandblasting and fluorization 200-300 zl
Whitening of a dead tooth 250 zl
Overlay method of teeth whitening (individual 2-arch overlays) 600 zl
BEYOND POLUS Accelerator – single session whitening
(includes Gc Tooth Mousse as well as preparations sustaining
the BEYOND whitening effect)
800 zl
Conservative stomatology
Composite filling in a permanent tooth from 120 zl
Premium class composite filling (nanocomposite) from 200 zl
Tooth restoration from 200 zl
Premium class tooth restoration (nanocomposite) from 350 zl
Composite veneer (executed by means of a direct method) from 300 zl
Medicinal dressing from 90 zl
Rubber dental dam 90 zl
Reconstruction of the cofferdam from 150 zl
Infiltration anesthesia 30 zl
Conduction anesthesia 40 zl
Dental treatment of children (pedodontics)
Twinky Star filling of a milk tooth from 100 zl
Composite filling of a permanent tooth from 120 zl
Medicinal dressing 90 zl
Tooth sealing 40 zl
Varnishing/Silver nitrate impregnation 90 zl
Fluoridization 90 zl
Root canal treatment (endodontics)
Primary root canal treatment:
Single canal tooth 300 zl
Multi-canal teeth (price per canal) 200 zl
Pulp gangrene (extra charge on top of treatment) 100 zl


Secondary root canal treatment
Single canal tooth 400 zl
Multi-canal teeth (price per canal) 250 zl


Root canal treatment under microscope:
Single canal tooth from 400 zl
Multi-canal teeth (price per canal) from 250 zl
Removal of broken instrument or
crown-root inlay from canal
from 200 zl
Fiberglass crown-root inlay 150 zl
Front teeth fiberglass crown-root inlay 250 zl
Individual (single) fiberglass crown-root inlay 450 zl
Individual (collapsible) crown-root inlay 550 zl
Treatment of periodontal diseases (periodontology)
Subgingival curettage from 130 zl
Perisurgical treatment of furcation or gum pockets from 700 zl
Perisurgical lengthening of clinical tooth crown (price per tooth) from 600 zl
Laser therapy (price per single procedure) from 70 zl
Dental surgery
Extraction of a permanent tooth from 200 zl
Surgical extraction of a permanent tooth from 350 zl
Surgical extraction of an impacted tooth from 450 zl
Extraction of a deciduous (milk) tooth from 100 zl
Root apex resection 400-700 zl
Hemisection 300-400 zl
Buccal vestibule deepening (1-3 teeth) from 600 zl
Plastic surgery of lip frenulum 400 zl
Incision of mucosa in impacted teeth 200 zl
Abscess incision and curettage (1-2 teeth) from 150 zl
Implant engraftment from 2600 zl
Bone regeneration of the alveolar process by means of biomaterials
(xenograft), depending on the extent of the bone loss
1200-4000 zl
Bone regeneration of the alveolar process by means of a mixture
of the patient’s own bone and biomaterials (xenograft), depending
on the extent of the bone loss
2000-5000 zl
Raising the maxillary sinus 1000-3500 zl
Autogenous bone graft from 3000 zl
Implant exposure and fitting the healing screw 250-400 zl
Taking impressions with transfers on implants included in the price
Control visits included in the price
Titanium connector from 1500 zl
Zirconia connector 2100 zl
Porcelain crown on metal 1000 zl
Porcelain crown on zirconia 1900 zl
Porcelain veneered crown or point in a bridge on standard alloy 800 zl
Porcelain veneered crown or point in a bridge on gold-platinum alloy 2200 zl
Fully ceramic crown or point in a zirconium dioxide bridge 1700 zl
Porcelain veneer from 1300 zl
Ceramic inlay from 1000 zl
Composite inlay 700 zl
Glass abutment of the mucosa from 1300 zl
Provisional (temporary) crown 100 zl
Acrylic prosthetic tooth from 800 zl
Flexible prosthetic tooth 2200 zl
Skeletal prosthetic tooth 2000 zl
Skeletal-nylon prosthetic tooth 2500 zl


In accordance with Article 66, par. 1 of the Civil Code, the above price-list does not constitute a trade offer and is published here solely for your information. The above-quoted prices are subject to change.

The total cost of the planned treatment is presented to the patient, following a specialist diagnostic examination in the doctor’s consulting room.