Prosthetics is a special area of dentistry which deals with a reconstruction of functions or rehabilitation of the dental system. Restoring missing teeth is not only motivated by esthetic considerations, but above all, it increases the comfort of the patient’s life and has a positive influence on his/her entire well-being.

Examples of prosthetic procedures carried out in our Clinic:


Post-and-core inlays (PAC):

These are prosthetic reconstructions which are used in situations when the clinical tooth crown is severely damaged, while the patient’s own root is preserved. Thanks to the post-and-core inlays, it is possible to carry out a further prosthetic reconstruction, e.g. a crown or a bridge. The selection of a suitable PAC inlay is determined by esthetic considerations and the extent of the preserved tooth tissues.
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Prosthetic crown:

It is a permanently cemented prosthetic reconstruction, recreating the shape, color and functions of the tooth.
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Bridges are used to reconstruct small sectional tooth deficiencies. They are resorted to in the case of absence of a single tooth or else a few neighboring teeth. Bridges may be anchored to the patient’s natural teeth or else they may be supported on implants.
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Removable dentures

In cases where it is not possible to make permanent dentures (e.g. in cases of vast tooth absence, toothlessness), removable dentures are used (i.e. ones that can be removed from the oral cavity). The main types of removable dentures include: acrylic, nylon and skeletal dentures. The selection of the most suitable type of reconstruction is preceded by careful analysis of the existing prosthetic base.
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