Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a specialization which deals with the kind of dental treatment that allows one to preserve the patient’s own teeth in his/her oral cavity.

It involves not only the treatment of diseases, but also prophylaxis.

The sequence of planned treatment procedures depends on the condition of the oral cavity. That is why, a thorough examination of the oral cavity is carried out in the course of the patient’s first visit.

In the majority of cases, conservative treatment begins with hygienization and procedures aimed at securing deep cavities. It is also important to educate the patient with regard to the correct way of brushing his teeth and give him instructions concerning certain dietary recommendations (particularly in cases of caries or erosion of tooth hard tissues). The goal of the above procedure is to restore the correct chewing function and ensure the protection of the remaining teeth as well as of the periodontium.

The procedures associated with conservative dentistry are carried out with the help of many modern materials, instruments and equipment. Most of them are carried out in local anesthesia and hence, they are painless.