The loss of the white color of teeth may be caused by bad dietary habits (excessive consumption of coffee, tea red wine, black current juice, beet root juice etc.), lifestyle (cigarette smoking, inadequate hygiene of the oral cavity), age and certain medicines (e.g. antibiotics).

While brushing our teeth, we remove only a part of the discoloring that covers our tooth enamel. Whitening teeth by means of the BEYOND POLUS system allows one to get rid of the discoloring covering the deeper layers of teeth.



Contrary to the other existing tooth whitening systems, the BEYOND POLUS accelerator contains special filtering systems, thanks to which it emits a “cold”, blue light which does not raise the temperature of teeth and does not lead to complications that are often associated with it (e.g. pulpitis). Thanks to this modern method, it is possible to conduct the tooth whitening procedure even in patients whose teeth are very sensitive.



In our Clinic, the procedure of tooth whitening is always carried out by dentists who use exclusively the original BEYOND POLUS products (we do not use substitutes). Thanks to it, the whitening procedure is effective and always 100% safe.

The special formula of the BEYOND gel, which is based on hydrogen peroxide, combined with the light of the BEYOND POLUS accelerator, allows one to lighten patients’ teeth by as many as 8 color tones. The process of whitening is a single-session procedure which lasts around 45 minutes, yet its duration may vary, depending on the case. The effect of whitening is sustained, on average for two years and its durability depends on the individual patient’s lifestyle and dietary habits.

In our Clinic, we can also offer you products which reinforce the result of the whitening procedure (original BEYOND toothpastes and liquids). All of this allows our patients to retain a shiny, white smile for a long time.